T-1500 Lasers
Recommended Maintenance Schedule

1. Every 300 hours, change the VACUUM PUMP OIL. After 400 hours, loss of up to 50 watts may occur without oil change. We recommend and supply Edwards Vacuum Pump Oil, low paraffin content.

2. Every 1000 hours, replace Filters and Pads.

3. Every 1200 hours, clean copper pipe inlets on BLOWER, removing green copper oxide residue. Also Every 1200 hours, install new O-Rings.

4. Every 3600 hours, change the VACUUM BLOWER OIL. Do not overfill.

5. Every 10,000 hours, change the BALLAST TUBES in pairs.

6. At 10,000 hours, replace TRANSFORMER H.V. OIL. Check for loose wires and paraffin buildup. If you cannot see the unistrut brackets on the bottom of the tank, you should also change the oil. Do not mix brands of oil.

7. At all times: Keep water temperature for cooling at 58 degrees F for maximum performance.

8. Some TURBOS overheat inside the cabinet. The addition of a cabinet cooler lowers ambient temperature 15 to 20 degrees, cools gas board, stabilizes gas flow and lengthens Electrical Component Live.

9. We recommend that you keep a maintenance log for each laser, to track problems, performance and replacement of parts. A typical log record will include date, hours logged on laser to date, maintenance performed or problem noted, and the maintenance engineer name.

Following this schedule and these recommended tips can extend the life of the Turbo Tube, plus add power. Information is based upon actual performance metrics of Turbo Lasers being utilized 24 hours per day, 5-6 days weekly.